DX-Messages window

With SWISSLOG you can collect DX-Messages from multiple sources. Please read the detailed information in:

Most clusters will send you the same DX-Spots as the other clusters because they are all interconnected. So it is not really necessary to connect to several sources. 

VERY IMPORTANT: If you use Telnet connection, NEVER connect to a Reverse Beacon server! These servers are sending continuous spots overloading the DX window and causing Swisslog freezing or crashing.

The DX-Messages window

The DX-Messages are displayed in DX-Cluster-Messages windows or in band maps. You can open as many windows as you want. Each window can display different statistics and use a different set of filters. You can also have SWISSLOG announce the spot with voice messages, see Configure Sound Announcements.

To open a DX-Messages window: Select View | DX-Cluster Messages. This is what the window looks like:

  The following options and functions are available via the pop-up menu (right mouse button):

Most of them are obvious; the others are explained hereafter.

Select Statistic

Mark the statistics which should be displayed.

Change Selections

Mark the bands and modes for which DX-Spots should be displayed and select which Spots you want to see. (New, needed, worked, all). You can also set the Spots Lifetime in minutes (default value:60 minutes). Only spots within the defined period of time will be displayed.

Configure Sound Announcements

You can access the sound options directly from the Functions menu and the pop-up menu of the DX-Messages window; or from the main menu select Options Connect to Packet Program and then select the page "Sound Announcements":

You can configure different announcements, depending on the Statistic-Status of an announced callsign. NOTE: The only exception is the "DX Alerts" option which doesn't depends on any statistic status but the defined DX Alerts. Read Schedules / DX Alerts.

IMPORTANT: Sound announcements will only read the New, Needed or Worked Dx Types from the first statistic in the DX message window. If you need sound announcements from several statistics, you will have to use different DX message windows selecting only one statistic in every one of them.

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