Round Table QSO Support

SWISSLOG allows you to manage Round-Table QSOs. You can also save the members of round tables for further use.

To activate the Round-Table Mode press the button on the QSO-Entry Window press F4 or select View QSO-Round from the main menu. This opens the QSO-Round window and adds the QSO-Round toolbar the the QSO-Entry Window as seen below.

The window for round-table QSOs is divided into two parts. On the left side you  find the stations who are currently active in the round-table. In the right part you find the stations who are a member of this round-table.

Join  the Round

You can add (join) Stations in two ways:

Activate next / previous Station

Activate a Station out of Sequence

Leave the Round

Manage Round-Table Lists

You can manage any number of lists containing Stations which are members of Round Table QSOs.

Select a List

Create a List

Add Stations to a list

There are two ways to add members:

Delete a Station

Save a Round-Table List

Delete a Round-Table List

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