Download SWISSLOG for Windows Version 5 Files
Current version: 5.99  (25/12/2018)
(read this information PLEASE!)

Swisslog is completely free!

For support and announcements please use the

New full versión

The new full version contains all components needed for a new installation or updates Swisslog if you have already installed version 5.2 or higher. It also includes the documentation and help in English, Spanish, German and French as well as other components that previously were needed to download them separately (background world map images, some reports and QSL formats and audio files for the DX-Cluster sound announcements)

After setup go to HELP > ABOUT... > REGISTER. Type your callsign and press "Add registration".

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WINDOWS VISTA / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 USERS: FULL administrator rights are needed to install and run SWISSLOG properly under these operating systems. Click mouse right button on the Swisslog installer file and select "Run as administrator".

NOTE: if you want to install Swisslog inside the “Program Files” folder instead the default “Swisslog” root folder, you MUST disable UAC (User Account Control). Just type UAC into the Start menu or Control Panel search box, enter the "User Account Control Settings" option then drag the slider all the way to the bottom (Never notify). Press OK and reboot your computer.

Trusted QSL v2.4.3 (needed to synchronise with Logbook of the World)

In order to keep your Swisslog logbook sincronised with Logbook of the World you need to install the Trusted QSL software. Read the program help (or the online documentation) to know how to configure it. Download latest version by clicking the following link:
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Current statistic database

This file contains the database with current standard statistics and information tables (SWLSTAT.MDB). This is a Zip file. Please unzip this file into the directory where SWLSTAT.MDB is located, overwriting the existing file.

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History / Changes

Current Country Table

This file contains the current country table (SWLCTRY.MDB). It's maintained by Erik EI4KF. Let him know any error, new or change you may find interesting to be corrected/added in next versions: Please unzip this file into the directory where SWLCTRY.MDB is located, overwriting the existing file.