Swisslog for Windows


Frequently Asked Questions


QUESTION: When trying to install Swisslog the following message is displayed and installation aborts:

ANSWER: In Windows Vista and higher you need FULL administrator rights to install and run SWISSLOG properly. If you don't have them the installation program detects this condition and aborts. To correct this first you have to disable UAC (User Account Control). Just type UAC into the Start menu or Control Panel search box, enter the "User Account Control Settings" option then drag the slider all the way to the bottom (Never notify). Press OK and reboot your computer. Finally right-click the Swisslog installer file and select "Run as administrator".


QUESTION: At Swisslog startup the following message is displayed:

ANSWER: Your firewall is blocking Swisslog to get access to/from internet. To correct this you have to add an exception to the Swisslog program in your firewall settings (see your firewall documentation)


QUESTION: Swisslog takes a lot of time to start / You canít tune the transceiver to the QRG of a DX spot or you canít set transceiver mode from Swisslog but you are reading the QRG from the transceiver


ANSWER: Your firewall is blocking incoming/outgoing communications to Swisslog. An exception must be added in your firewall to allow full communications to Swisslog  (see your firewall documentation)


QUESTION: Many advanced users asked me a way to automatically see which entities are only confirmed by QSL and not confirmed by LOTW to update the DXCC award status. At the present moment I haven't found a way to select this automatically. However I have found a semi-automatic way to perform this. Follow these steps:



- In Tools | Define QSO-Groups create a QSO Group. You may call it "QSL pending to submit"

- Go to View | Logbook view (selection) and open the query "Confirmed QSO by QSL or LOTW" located in the EXAMPLES folder.

- Group by the DXCC field then (optionally) group by mode and/or band if you need more detail. Simply drag and drop the DXCC column header to the gray upper part of the view (also the Mode and Band headers). Now you see a list of QSOs confirmed by both systems perfectly classified by DXCC and inside every entity grouped by mode/band.

- Activate the QSO group toolbar (the fourth button starting from right). In Target-Group select the "QSL pending to submit" group previously created.

- Open every entity/mode/band node and manually select the desired QSO only confirmed by QSL and not by LOTW.

- Press the single red arrow button from the group toolbar to add this QSO to the group.

- Perform this operation for every entity and select the QSOs you need to submit for every mode/band which are confirmed only by QSL. When finishing all the manual work the QSO-Group will contain a list of all the QSO pending to submit to the DXCC award which are not credited to the DXCC award. It's advisable to use a powerful computer to use this query along with the grouping functions, otherwise the operations will take a long time.