Selecting QSOs for an Award

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Selecting the QSOs that qualify for an Award

Using the Logbook View there are several methods of selecting QSOs for an Award. This section describes one technique that is almost automatic.

Hint: If you have already created a QSO-Group for an Award and need information on adding QSOs to the group, click on the following link: Add/Delete QSOs to/from a Group.

To add individual QSOs follow the steps listed below:

  1. Open a Logbook View by selecting View Logbook from the main menu.

  2. Load a Query which contains the DXCC-Field. For this example use LOGBOOK with DXCC and Zones.SPQ. This query is usually found in the following directory: ...\SWISSLOG\Queries\Logbooks

    When the View Logbook window is already open you can change to another Query by selecting Load new Definitions from Functions on the main menu, or by activating the pop-up menu. To activate the pop-up menu position the mouse cursor anywhere within the log and right-click.

  1. Select the query: LOGBOOK with DXCC and Zones.SPQ

  2. Press the Manual tab, located in the lower left corner of the Logbook View window.

  3. Mark the selection criteria as shown below:

    • In the Date from: and to: windows specify the valid date range.

    • Check the box for QSL received: Yes. This will select only confirmed QSOs.

    • In the Own QTH column select the valid QTHs.

    • In the QSL-Action column no selection is necessary. This means 'don't care'.

    • In the Modes column select the valid modes (CW and SSB are shown in the example below).

    • In the Band column select the valid bands (the example shown below selects only QSOs made on the 80m band). 

  1. Press the Continue button.

The results of the QSOs selection process will be displayed in the Logbook View window. If you followed the steps described in the example above then only confirmed CW and SSB QSOs made on the 80m band will be displayed.

Although the six steps outlined above produced a list of confirmed QSOs based on the selection criteria it does not completely satisfy the filtering needed for an award application. For the award you need only one QSO per DXCC. Therefore we need to use a function that will select only the first QSO for each DXCC. Fortunately this is very easy using SWISSLOG.

Selecting the First QSO per DXCC using the 'First' function

After following the six steps outlined in the previous paragraphs, continue the process as described below:

  1. Select the DXCC column in the Logbook View: position the cursor over the first DXCC cell in the column (do not select the column header) and press the left mouse button. If you selected the cell correctly you will see a dotted frame around the cell. Refer to the screen image shown below.

  2. Press the (First) button, located on the toolbar.

  3. The Select group fields dialog window is displayed. It has been setup correctly for this example, so just press OK.

By using these three easy steps in Swisslog the Logbook View now displays only one QSO per DXCC.

If you performed the Tools Re-Sequence QSOs then the QSO displayed is the first QSO entered in your log for the DXCC. If you did not execute the sort function then the QSO displayed may not be your first QSO with the DXCC. You will be asked by SWISSLOG to perform the Re-Sequence QSOs function the first time you use the First function.

Hint: In many situations selecting the First QSO is important and in that case you should perform the Re-Sequence QSOs function and then repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 above for selecting the First QSO per DXCC.

Reviewing the Award Group

After completing the QSO selection process it is always a good idea to review the list for errors. Occasionally we make errors during the QSO entry and these errors may not show up until we carefully analyze our logs. In some cases the error may be very obvious: if a critical piece of information is missing it's likely to stand out as a blank cell. Other subtle errors may be more difficult to catch; in either case it is a good idea to carefully review the Award Group.

  1. Press the (Show/Hide group toolbar) button; this will display the group toolbar.

  2. Select the 80m DXCC AWARD group as target Group.

  3. Press the button. This displays a group view for the selected group.

  4. Press the button to put all of the selected QSOs into the group. The display will look like the image below:

In the image above, notice the size of the Group view has been adjusted to the same size as the Logbook View and positioned directly below the Logbook View. In the images above also note the following:

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