Packet DX-Cluster Support

SWISSLOG interfaces with external packet programs to monitor DX-Cluster messages. Currently the following programs are supported:

The easiest way to interface with packet is with the SV2AGW Packet-Engine. Several packet programs can use the same TNC and it supports nearly all TNCs. Even the Baycom-Mini modem under Windows is supported! Also, SWISSLOG features a Monitor Window which allows simple packet operation without any other terminal program.

Because WinPacket supports the SV2AGW Packet-Engine as well I recommend it with SWISSLOG.

SV2AGW also made a terminal program for use for simple packet traffic (AGWTERM).

All programs can be downloaded from the internet:

Use a search engine to find the other programs. The links change often!

Configure Packet - Program

To configure the packet program proceed as follows:


Read the instructions in DXTelnet


The SV2AGW Packet Engine can be interfaced in two ways:

If you select DDE then make sure that you have installed AGWDLL32.DLL in the directory where you installed the packet engine.
The DLL is hidden in the distribution File! it is contained in

Select the SV2AGW page

Packet Monitor Window

This is a window that allows you to conduct simple packet traffic and to monitor the packet traffic for debugging purposes. Select View Packet Monitor Window to open it.

' c ' - request connection without using digipeaters
' v ' - request connection using digipeaters (up to 8)
' d ' - request disconnect
' D ' - Send data to a connected station (default)
' U ' - Send unproto data (beacons, CQ, etc.)
' P ' - ask radioport information
' V ' - send Unproto VIA

Example: connect to HB9BJS = :c HB9BJS

Actually the command letter is the Datakind. If you want to know more about the possibilities read AGWPEAPI.HTM which can be found in the developers section of SV2AGW.



 Attention: the DDE traffic with WinPacket is not 100% reliable...


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