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Full Version: SWL ---> Italian ?
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Hello Jordi, hello all Big Grin ,

I noted in the 5.8 version some new languages, not present in the older 4.4...
How are the translations made? Is there any "localisation"-file, so I could try to translate, for example, into italian Idea ?

How about give me these files, so I could TRY (try!!) to translate the program menus and words?

These changes will be good at least for me, and in my computer only, but if other people will be interested, I could let You release a "5.8_ital"-version Wink .

Let me know Angel

All the best from the sunny (now rainy Confused ) Italy...

Beppe - in3ikf
Hello Beppe:

I'm sending you the required files to your e-mail address.

Best 73