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Full Version: Database could not compressed
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Good evening

Saving a QSO takes up to 30 seconds for me.
Now I wanted to try compressing the database.
But I get the error ".....could not compressed".

I did not find any information in the help about compressing the database.

What am I doing wrong?

73 de HB9TZU
Hello Christof,

Delete the swlog_v5_bak.mdb files manually then try again. Perform a Check disk and make sure you have enough free disk space.

If you still have issues contact me via whatsapp to arrange a Teamviewer session (see my phone number in the Contact section)

Best 73
Good evening Jordi

Thank you for your quick feedback.

Your tip was right again. I was able to compress the database without any error message after manually deleting the swlog_v5_bak.mdb.

Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend
73 de HB9TZU