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Full Version: QSO sequence out of sync erro
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Hello Jordi,

When I start Swisslog I get the message that the QSO sequence is out of sync (that is correct, since I deleted 1 QSO). However, when I select 'Yes' to resync I get an Access violation error. After that it is not longer possible to close Swisslog, I have to terminate it via the windows taskmanager.
If I select 'No' there is no problem and I can use Swisslog.
Any idea's?

PG5FRL (Storm)
Hello Storm,

Another user had a similar problem and I had to fix the database. Please send me your database to

Go to File / Save.. and perform a backup in LZH format then send me this file. Do not add more QSOs until you receive the corrected file back.

Solved, thanks for the quick response!