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Full Version: wrong time with fldigi?
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Looking at my log at this moment.... notice all start times and end times in the log that are logged via FLDIGI are the same. All of them! A typical Olivia contact last for more than 1 minute hi. Start time and end times in FLDIGI where allright (I have the habbit of checking those before I press log Smile ). During the qso the time in the entry of QSO's window in Swisslog is correct. Start time ok, End time running. After pressing the log button in FLDIGI the QSO is logged but the Start time becomes the end time. Got some screenshots attached to clarify.[attachment=498][attachment=498]

73, Storm (PG5FRL/PG6PEACE)
Hi Storm,

This happens because the "Set QSO Time on save" is enabled. This is explained in the Digital Modes Interfaces > Options ONLY for Multimode programs (except DM780):

This option should be unchecked by default but I have detected it's a bug which it will be corrected in next beta. Uncheck this option and the QSO Start time will be set when you enter the callsign and the QSO End Time will be set when you press the Save QSO button.

Best 73
Thanks for the quick response (as always hi)