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Full Version: edit qso problem
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Am I alone ? when I double click on a qso in my log window, I sometimes get an unsual window size, long , extending below the bottom of my screen. I can't access the bottom menu, get control on this window to resize it, scroll to the bottom with the slider on the right of the screen...Any idea ???
Not a real problem, because I restore my normal window sizes with OPTIONS/ restore desktop but it's boring...all the more so when I made several selections before in my log

73 de Guy F6DKQ

Could you please send a screen shot??

Which operating system are you using? Did it happend from the begginning of the Swisslog installation or just appeared now?

Best 73
Hi Jordi,

Thank you for your answer

1 it appeared from the beginning, as far as I can remember.

2 I'm using windows XP sp3

AS soon as it appears, I will send you a screen shot

73 de Guy F6DKQ
Hi Jordi,

It just appeared again this morning when editing a qso, here is a screen capture (enclosed in my post, if it works...??? )

73 de Guy
Hi Jordi

Thank you for your help. So far, so good...everything seems to work nicely.
My edit-qso window is now firmly banked to the upper left corner.

73 ! de Guy F6DKQ