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Full Version: Error in compacting datbase.
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When starting the Swisslog get an error message:
"Error in compacting database. No changes made."

After acknowledging reports Swisslog:
"The database: C:\Program Files (x86)\Swisslog\SWLTemp.MDB could not be created"

The database for QSO are in an other directory, in directory for dates. Swisslog have not permissions to write in directory for programs.

Where I can adjust the correct path?

vy 73 de HB9BZC, Kurt
Hi Kurt,

I'm sure you are using Windows Vista or higher and you have not installed Swisslog with administrator rights. This is a common problem and that's the reason the first screen of the installer clearly explains the instructions to install with full administrator rights (but it seems nobody read this...). In the next version of Swisslog installation will abort if user doesn't have full administrator rights. This will be the best option to avoid problems as you are having now.

When you install Swisslog without full administrator rights Swisslog is not working really in the C:\Program Files(x86)\Swisslog folder but in another folder called Virtual Store. Operating system makes a copy of the C:\Program Files(x86)\Swisslog folder in the Virtual Store (database included) and works overthere. A real bundle!!

To correct this situation you have to follow these instructions:

- Make a backup copy of your Swisslog database from File | Save .. to an external USB drive or another folder different from C:\Program Files. DON'T MANUALLY COPY the database located in C:\Program Files(x86)\Swisslog\DB because this is not the REAL database you are working with.
- Disable UAC (User Account Control). Type UAC into the Start menu or Control Panel search box, enter the "User Account Control Settings" option then drag the slider all the way to the bottom (Never notify). Press OK
- Reboot your computer
- Finally right-click the Swisslog installer file and select "Run as administrator". Installer will detect the installation folder and will reinstall everything with administrator rights.

Swisslog will be reinstalled correctly now. Probably you will loss the Swisslog configuration because previously your system used the SWISSLV5.INI located in the Virtual Store not the one located in C:\Program Files. Before performing all these instructions you can first try to locate the SWISSLV5.INI in your entire hard disk in a different folder from C:\Program Files. If found it will be located in the Virtual Store. Make a copy of it and after performing all the above steps copy it in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Swisslog folder, overwriting the existing one.

Start Swisslog and you should see it registered with your callsign and keeping your previous configuration. But probably your QSO have been gone. Go to File | Restore.. and restore the backup previously made.

That's the reason I insist A LOT to install with full administration rights otherwise Swisslog is not running properly. This also affects all programs, especially all amateur radio software which usually work with configuration files and databases located in the same program folder. After disabling UAC and run as administrator all programs will run perfectly.

My suggestion is to run as administrator ALL programs. Forget about double left-clicking with mouse in Windows Vista and higher! Right-click and select Run as administrator. You will avoid many many problems.

After disabling UAC and get full administrator rights you may note that other amateur radio software (i.e: MixW) has lost its configuration and QSO. This is due the same reason as Swisslog. It was working with the virtual Store copy of the program. You will have to search for the configuration files in the Virtual Store or reconfigure again everything after reinstalling as administrator.

Best 73
dr Jordi
Thank you very much for your help. Now Swisslog works as usual.
I use Windows 10. After an update suddendly I get these problems. But now is all right.
Swisslog ist the most sympatic and the best program for us. And Walter, HB9BJS, I know a very long time. We was both young mens and I used in start of my HAM-work the DOS-Version form Swisslog.
mni tnx fr help and vy 73 de HB9BZC, Kurt
Hi Kurt,

After upgrading to a higher operating system UAC is set to the default position and that was the reason of the change.

Thank you for your words! I'm trying to do the best I can to keep Swisslog alive and updated! If you see Walter let him know that you still use Swisslog! I'm in contact with him from time to timey but he is disconnect from all the Swisslog world after his accident.

Best 73