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Full Version: Save your desktop!
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Hello all,

When you have finished to configure the functions you like to see in the Swisslog desktop (even with 2 monitors), it's highly advisable to save your configuration. Go to Options / Save desktop, give it a name and press OK. You can have as many different saved desktops as you prefer. This is very useful because:

- Maybe you want to have different desktop configurations according yours preferences of operation or if using one monitor, two monitors etc.
- If you have checked the option to Save desktop on exit, sometimes may happen that after startup your desktop has not been restored as you like (i.e.: after a crash). If you have saved your desktop you can restore it easily in Options / Restore desktop and everything will be in place as you like.

Desktop information is saved in the Swisslog configuration file SWISSLV5.INI (located where Swisslog is installed). I suggest to make regular backup copies of this file because it contains all Swisslog preferences! 

Best 73
(07-02-2018, 06:56 PM)EA3GCV Wrote: [ -> ]Greetings, Jorgi !  

Question 1.

How can I get SWL to restore my favorite desktop arrangement automatically upon starting the program?   Do I do that with the "Save on Exit" option?   If so, then that should restore my desktop as last used, but it should not restore my favorite desktop from among all of my saved desktop files.  OR ... must I always manually select "Restore Desktop" to open the program with my favorite saved desktop arrangement?

Question 2.

Can I delete the "Default desktop" after I save a personal desktop file?  OR, is that hard-wired in and cannot be deleted?

Thank you, OM.    K8JHR

The "Save desktop on exit" saves the current desktop (will be used in the next session). It's saved as "default" so don't delete it (it's the name of the last session desktop. If you want to use your favorite desktop at startup (I suppose) it will be the last desktop you used (if it's really your favourite desktop). So I recommend keep the "Save desktop on exit" option checked.

If you change your desktop often then there is no other way than open the Restore Desktop function and load the one you want to use. But the "Save desktop on exit" it's the solution to load the last session desktop at startup.

Best 73
THANK YOU - GRACIAS - I understand. Happy trails to you. James - K8JHR -