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Full Version: Not a valid date
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When I want to edit an QSO record and change the date field, I get the message '21 Apr 2018' is not a valid date.

If I try to change it back to 23 April 2018, I get the message '23 Apr 2018' is not a valid date. Under the Options for the Active Window, I have switched off the realtime QSO enrty field.


Dennis, ZS4BS
Hi Dennis,

The date format is taken from your system settings. You have a button to select the date in a calendar or you can type directly the date in the right format according to your windows settings (mm/dd/yyyy,r dd/mm/yyyy,, dd'mm'yyyy etc).

If you still have problems send me a screenshot or contact me directly via whatsapp to my phone number +34656409020 to arrange a Teamviewer session to check online what may happen.

Best 73
Thanks Jordi,

I will check and get back to you.

Dennis, ZS4BS / 7P8DG
Okay, what I found.

My PC is set to dd MMM yyyy and then the programme gives me the error message.

If I change it to yyyy/MM/dd the change to the QSO record is accepted.

The date setting has two options dd MMM yyyy or yyyy/MM/dd.

Hi Dennis,

Have you tried dd/mm/yyyy? Month can't be MMM but MM.

Best 73