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Dear colleagues

Best regards.

I would like to ask your help for a particular thing I would like to create in a report for QSl purpose.
Some years ago Walter taught me a command to use on Reports.
I explain imagine we have manager to print on qsl card, then we put “ Via” and then the call manager. I want that the word “Via” appears only if in fact a manager exists and not always.
I can remember something like: “ is[QSLMGR]”
Is a kind of condition, the word “Via” is printed, only if QSLMGR exists.
In case you have any idea, I would be very thankful.

Have a nice Weekend,
Manuel Fernando - CT1BXX

I am very pleased to inform that I found the code I was looking for, and in case you need for designing a report here is the code:

@isDATA~via: [QSLMGR] ~

The result is:
If there is a QSL manager, we got: "Via: and the call.
If no QSL manger the word "via" is not visible.

This, could help a lot for creating QSL cards and others.

SwissLog is unique, thanks Jordi.

Have a nice week

Manuel Fernando - CT1BXX
Hi Manuel,

Now I see your question. glad that you found the answer by yourself ;-)

Best 73