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Full Version: adif export
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I tried to export one of my qso for test..
And noticed there is no prop/sat modes exported with adif.
Is there any way to enable more detailed export for adif files including propagation and/or satellite modes?

Example from my exported log:
It has Sat mode and sat name on log program itself.

Generated for TA2NC

<PROGRAMID:20>Swisslog for Windows
<CREATED_TIMESTAMP:15>20190227 011513

<CALL:6>RK3DIL  <QSO_DATE:8>20190226  <TIME_ON:6>183026  <BAND:4>70cm  <MODE:2>FM  

In order to export all ADIF v3 fields recognised by Swisslog, you have to load a logbook view including all these fields (a query). Go to View / Logbook (selection) > Adif export > ADIF v304 fields or the other one including Swisslog fields. Apply the filters you want then Export. If any QSO contain the Prop or Sat fields it will be exported.

Please read the Logbook view chapter in Swisslog help to know more about this very powerful Swisslog function.

Best 73