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Full Version: Error con DXcc
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Hola cuando hago una estadistica de un diploma, por ejemplo DXCC me sale el error que adjunto.
He probado en varios ordenadores y hace lo mismo...
┬┐Se os ocurre que puede ser???

Hello, when I do a statistics of a diploma, for example, DXCC I get the error that I attached.
I have tested on several computers and do the same ...
Do you think it can be ???
Thank you.


You have not attached any file. Could you please attach it?

Best 73
Please explain in detail the exact steps you perform in order to try to reproduce it here. I would also need your database to detect any possible problem in your database. Send me an e-mail to attaching your Swisslog database (Go to File / Save backup and send me the LZH file).

Best 73
Okay. Thank you. I will do so. 73