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Full Version: dxcluster submit for finished qsos
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Specially for VHF and upper frequencies, it is nice to spot the qso to dxcluster with propagation mode etc after the qso completed.

There is spotting function which works as  type the call, press spot and send the spot msg. 
What i ask (if you accept) 
to send the dxspot information after the qso completed (automatically or better manually from the last qso /logbook view part) 
with the standard format  "locator<prop>locator comment"

as :
TA2NC (KM69HU) 144.128.0 JT65 S58M (JN76ID) 1610 km EME   KM69HU<EME>JN76 tnx qso

Only Comment part should be formatted this way.(that i marked underline) 

As i mentioned before it is important for VHF and upper fq. qsos.

In the Add QSO window there is a button to send Dx anmouncements directly to the connected Telnet server where you can set comments and all you need. Button shows the word DX with a yellow arrow Please read the QSO Entry chapter in the Swisslog help.

Best 73
Hello Jordi.
Actually I mentioned on my message that there is a spot button (that you described) which is not very practical for the things i mentioned...
So I read it and I actually use it.
Thats is on wish list..

During a is not practical, type callsign, select propagation, get locator of dx station..
then type it on spot windows as km69<SPE>xxyy send.. and go on qso...

Format is important because it is used on propagation analysis for MUF estimation on VHF DX tools..
It is not just spotting somebody..It is for spotting your own qso also for propagation analysis on upper bands..

It is much much more practical just right click a finished qso and send spot
Most of the log programs i previously used had such send spot button on qso list.. not on add qso window..

Anyway.. Nice to have.. i hope you put it on the to do list also.

Additionally, to give an example.. I am sharing the 144 mhz (50 and up is much more same)

Pse check the remarks..


Oh now I understand. Could you please let me know which software does this as you require? I would like to see how it's performed in order to see how can I implenent it in Swisslog.
. B

est 73
Main support from EA6VQ VQLog mostly..I havent used it..just saw on comments..

Additionally As a log software ur5eqf does this..(not this special format but spotting after qso over from list)
MSHV-not a logger actually-- does this (Both pskreporter submission and also right click on any decoded msg to spot with propagation type and locators)

And if any necessary information about format, you can check

Thank you for your kind effort.

Ok I will take a look and I will study how can I do it. I will add it to the wish list.

Best 73

Just let you know that in next release I will include the chance to send spots after saving QSO in the New QSO tab of the QSO entry window. The Dx announce function will implement a check box to automatically add the Dx Grid<Prop Mode>Your Grid (only if QTH locator is set in the QSO). This option will be saved in the configuration file to avoid checking it all the time. So now you will have 2 choices:

- Send Dx announcements while working the Qso (as it was before)
- Send Dx announcements after saving the QSO, by simply selecting a QSO in the New QSOs tab then clicking the Dx announce button and announce.

Best 73
Hello Jordi

Thanks for a one more function, excellent news!
This summer it seems that we will have a very good "ice cream" called 5.99C -  what a flavour! thanks to a software gourmet chief, sorry for kidding. Smile

Have a nice day.
73 ct1bxx
It is so nice to hear that.
Thank you Jordi.