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Full Version: Eliminate Dupes QSO´s
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Hi Jordy!

How do I delete all duplicate QSO´s I have in my log?

Best Regards,


Dupe means exact date, time (including seconds!), band and mode. There is no automatic way to do this. If you have only a few you can manually delete all your dupes. In case you have a lot, the best way is to export all your QSOs into ADIF by using the query All fields (including Swisslog fields) located in the Queries\ADIF Export folder. You have to export a separated ADIF for every MyQTH (filter first by every MyQTH then Export). Afterwards delete all QSOs and Import every ADIF into the corresponding MyQTH. Swisslog will not import the dupe QSOs and you will be informed in a detailed report.

Remember that this will only work in case time in both QSOs are exactly the same (including seconds!). If you have, let's say, a QSO at 14:45:32 and other QSO with the same band, mode, date at 14:45:00, this QSO won't be considered as dupe and will be imported as well. If this is your case you will have to delete them manually.

Best 73
Hi Jordy!
Many thanks for your attention.
Yes I have the time problems. I imported some FT8 contacts with 15 seconds difference by a JTDX import error.

Best regards,