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Full Version: Map and Statistic
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Hello, Jordi,

I just had an idea.
Would it be possible to link the map with the statistics?

What I mean is that if you double click in a grid field, a statistic window will open, where you can see who you have worked in that field.

That would be interesting for people like me, who mainly work on VHF and collect Gridsquares there.

It would be an easier way than always having to open the statistics.

Just an idea and a wish.

73s and thanks
Hello Reiner,

Your suggestion is very interesting but i have reviewed the code and seems really difficult to implement! Moreover, double click is already used to turn the antenna to the clicked position on map. Don't hesitate that I will implement it in a future if I find a way. It's added to the wish list!

To do this currently you will have to use a Statistic Quick View for QTH locators (such as Gridsquare or GAPA Grid) to see the QSO for a certain worked/confirmed square. At least you have a way to do it although is not as easy as double clicking on the map!

Best 73
Hola Jordi,

Thanks for your interest. The rotor function with double click was not known to me ;-)
Well, maybe it would work with right click.  Big Grin

But I am glad that you thought about it and put it on your wish list. Maybe it can be implemented sometime.

Vy 73 and stay healthy