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Full Version: DX Messages window idea...
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Hi Jordi,

Yet another suggestion (SORRY!!!)

Can I suggest in the DX Messages window maybe some band specific filters?

What I mean is, a few buttons on the top bar for the different band groups,, LF, HF, VHF,  user programmable to suit different operators needs. And another which corrisponds with the CAT frequency only.

Also, (Sorry again!!) , maybe filter by mode (user programmable as above)

Would it also be possible to display the mode in the DX Messages window?

Best Wishes

Brian G0VAX
Hi Brian,

You can use different DX message Windows with different selection criterias. For instance you can have one with HF bands, other with V/UHF bands and you can select by different modes (please read the special note below about modes). I know it's not the same as you suggest but it's an approach. The one you request is on band maps. I suggest you to read the Band Maps chapter. You can have as much as you need and it offers most possibilities (and the ones you request).

Mode is a data not exchanged on DX spots. Swisslog is able to find out the mode according the frequency and the defined band plan. This works very well for CW and SSB where there are very well defined range of frequencies in band plans. However this can't be applied for digital modes. Swisslog is able to read certain digital modes only if found in the spot Remarks (it's not possible to retrieve by the frequency). These modes are : FT4, FT8, HELL, JT65, JT9, MSK144, OLIVIA, PSK31, PSK63, PSK125 and RTTY. These are most commonly used in last 2 years. But this method is only used for dupe checking on Band Maps but not in the Dx message window. Please take a look to Band Maps, I'm sure you will love them!

Best 73