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Full Version: Strange failure
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Good morning
There was a "Statistic database update " this morning
I was doing this and no nothing is working
It come with the message in the picture
Br Arne OZ4VW
Hello Arne,

I have found an issue in countries using hyphen as date separator. I have uploaded a beta correcting this. First of all download latest beta. Please read carefully this thread:

Once you have replaced the EXE file, mouse right click in the SWISSLV5.INI located in the Swisslog folder then select EDIT. The default text editor will pop up having loaded the Swisslog's configuration file. Locate the key LastStatDB in the [COMMON] section. Date will be set in your locale format (23-01-2021). Replace it by 23/01/2021. Locate also the LastCtryDB key and replace it by 24/12/2020 then save. Run Swisslog and you will be asked to update. All will work as expected now.

Best 73