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Full Version: Working Conditions
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Hello Jordi,

first of all, many thanks for your great job keeping SwissLog up and running !

Well, a small hint or request based on my needs / experience:

- would be possible to automatically change MyQTH > Current Working Conditions based on the used band ?

Actually, I use quasi only 6m and few HF band with different antennas and TRX. 
Each time I switch from 6m to HF I need to switch manually <working conditions> to (for example) change type of antenna, 6 ele yagi  for 6m to inverted V dipoles for HF.

it's quite boring going back and forth in to the MyQTH's tab to change conditions ....

Kind regards, Pietro @ HB9RXC
Hello Pietro,

Working conditions are not related or linked to specific bands. Many users have only different transceivers. You have to switch manually when you need to select another working conditions. You don't need to select it every time unless you change from 6m to HF on every QSO.

Working conditions are very useful if you use different conditions (transceivers, antennas) on a same band. Because you can set in a particular QSO the exact antenna or transceiver you used. In your case, if you have the same setup, I suggest to use only one working conditions for HF-6m. In case you change any antenna or transceiver in the future then create a new condition.

Best 73