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Full Version: eQSL error in Log
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Hello Jordi,

I keep getting eQSL FT4 cards that appear as errors in the log.
This happens when the bracket addition (FT4) is missing in MFSK mode.
For LoTW, however, the QSO is displayed as confirmed.

Can you please check this?

The QSO with JA9BFN is attached as an example.

Thanks and 73
Hello Reiner,

The error is because JA9BFN has uploaded wrongly this QSO on eQSL (FT4 submode is missing). That's why you don't see the submode. FT4 is a MFSK submode and this must be indicated. You have to request him to upload the QSO correctly with the right submode FT4. As you can see, the other station has uploaded the QSO correctly and that's why FT4 is shown. This is a very common issue on eQSL. On LoTW you simply won't see anything because the LoTW system won't ever find a match for this QSO because mode is not uploaded properly. If you have this QSO confirmed on LoTW for JA9BFN is because he has uploaded correctly the QSO into LoTW but not to eQSL.

Best 73
Hello Jordi,

thank you for the explanation.
It is exactly as you say. In LoTW the mode FT4 is correct but in eQSL it is missing.

It's nice to know that it's not a Swiss error Smile

Best 73