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Full Version: NEW version 5.101b
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Dear users,

I have just released a new version with the following correction:
  • Corrected: reverted back the change implemented on 5.102 about replacing data if callsign has a new holder when reading from Callbook databases. Now If you enter a callsign having a new holder info and user want to replace this info either in the QSO and Callbook table for such callsign, user will need to press the “Copy All” button from the CD-Callbook tab in the QSO Entry window.

Best 73
hello, i cant use WJST-x , Swisslog and my FTDX 3000.
I have problems with the port, wich is the same for swisslog and wjst.
I need help HI

Of course you can't share a COM port with several applications at once unless you use a virtual COM port. I suggest you install and use OmniRig v1 from It's a free program supported either by Swisslog and WSJT-X. You only have to configure your radio and COM port in OmniRig as Rig1 then select OmniRig in Swisslog and WSJT-X. You won't have any conflicts because OmnIrig will handle the COM port and will send all CAT info internally to the supported applications.

Best 73
Many thank's , it's good now.
Best 73