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Error con DXcc - EA4AES - 04-05-2019

Hola cuando hago una estadistica de un diploma, por ejemplo DXCC me sale el error que adjunto.
He probado en varios ordenadores y hace lo mismo...
┬┐Se os ocurre que puede ser???

Hello, when I do a statistics of a diploma, for example, DXCC I get the error that I attached.
I have tested on several computers and do the same ...
Do you think it can be ???
Thank you.


RE: Error con DXcc - EA3GCV - 04-05-2019


You have not attached any file. Could you please attach it?

Best 73

RE: Error con DXcc - EA4AES - 05-05-2019


RE: Error con DXcc - EA3GCV - 05-05-2019

Please explain in detail the exact steps you perform in order to try to reproduce it here. I would also need your database to detect any possible problem in your database. Send me an e-mail to attaching your Swisslog database (Go to File / Save backup and send me the LZH file).

Best 73

RE: Error con DXcc - EA4AES - 09-05-2019

Okay. Thank you. I will do so. 73