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Text message (like JTAlert)? - JW6VDA - 14-09-2019

Hello and thanks for the last version 5.99d. 

As I told you before, Jordi, we have been using N1MM+ as a general logger at our club  station OH2K, and until a couple of versions of N1MM+ back, we have used JTAlert as a link between WSJT-X and N1MM+. This has been possible because N1MM+ listened for JTAlert "last qso" on port 2333. That option is now removed in N1MM+. A possible workaround is to make N1MM+ listen for "last qso" from JTAlert on port 2333, but then no UDP packets from WSJT-X reaches the logger.

The reason I like JTAlert is both the colour coding scheme and it's integration with the colour coding in WSJT-X, the different sound alerts, but mainly the txt message facility that is fun and easy to use.

I actually managed to integrate WSJT-X, JTAlert and Swisslog at my portable/summer cottage station, using JTAlert's rebroadcast of (received only) packets on port 2334, as you mentioned in the documentation and your answer earlier to SV2DGH. That involves a different computer and a different radio, I will leave that topic now.

Therefore I have finally given up my efforts to make JTAlert an integrated part of the logging system at OH2K club station. Instead I have changed our main logger to Swisslog.(EDIT: Flrig is really unstable, I had to give that up and revert to direct CAT control via the COM port) . (OmniRig which works great on my home/summercottage system, but it didn't work well at the club). For some reason that I don't understand, the way I do it with JTAlert on my summer cottage station doesn't work at the club. Maybe because the club PC is Windows 7, and my private Windows 10.

Anyway, after this lengthy intro, here is my humble wish/suggestion for a new feature in Swisslog: A text message facility like that in JTAlert, which uses TCP port 49523 to communicate with other users of JTAlert. It would be great to use this to communicate with the many JTAlert users worldwide!

I have no idea of how complicated this will be, but anyway, the suggestion is given!

Again, thanks to you, Jordi, for the great effort you do to maintain and develop Swisslog, the best logger there is!

73 de Tom

RE: Text message (like JTAlert)? - EA3GCV - 16-09-2019

Hi Tom,

Thank you for your full explanation and suggestion. However I don't know if JT Alert offers an API for third party applications to use its message feature without using JT Alert. Maybe it's something his author won't like too much because if you want to use this feature he will probably say: it's simple! use JT Alert.

If you are able to achieve the required API info for third party applications I promiss I will study the implementation in Swisslog.

Best 73