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QSO via QO-100 - dk2rl - 20-10-2019

Hello everybody...
is it possible to register a QSO via the QO-100 in Swisslog ? (SAT Mode or similar)...if you connect the program via CAT Control to the SDR Console, the display places in the window above are not enough...of course you can enter 13 cm manually, but maybe there is a possibility that you "automate" it...I hope that I described it correctly
73 de Manfred

RE: QSO via QO-100 - EA3GCV - 20-10-2019

Hello Manfred,

I don't understand what you mean... If your 13cm transceiver uses CAT and you have properly configured it you Swisslog should read the frequency automatically. Please explain in detail and send me some screenshots.

Best 73