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24-07-2019, 02:48 PM,
Hi Jordi,

I'm running SWISSLOG 5.99b with WSJT-X v2.1.0. Both programs run fine and each qso of ft8 is added automatically to swisslog log, and all details of the qso are updated correctly to the swisslog database.

I also run wsjt-x v2.1.0 and  JTAlertX v2.13.10. Both programs run fine too, communicate with each other and each callsing  alert is added to wsjt-x to be qso.

Now I try to run simultaneously swisslog 5.99b, wsjt-x v2.1.0 and  JTAlertX v2.13.10.  Unfortunately JTAlert doesn’t show any alert,  but instead it pops up a fault message about  udp port and ip address being invalid and unable to communicate with each other.

My question is as follows : since swisslog is working with wsjt-x,   wsjt-x is working with jtalert,  then maybe the problem is the function and utilization  of the 3 programs swisslog,  wsjt-x & jtalert at the same time ?   
Do you have any idea how it can be solved ?

Thanks in advance
Chris SV2DGH

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