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ADIF ... Your help please
19-04-2018, 01:12 PM,
ADIF ... Your help please
Dear Friends, your help would be very welcome ...

I can export from other software  the log to ADIF using several options: ADIF Version 2x or ADIF Version 3x

Also I can choose : Export only Standard ADIF Files or Simplified

I have chosen:
ADIF Version 3x / Export only Standard ADIF Files
And here I am asking for your help:

Importing to SwissLog I got errors only caused by Invalid mode :
Invalid Mode PSK31
Invalid Mode ASCI
On the original Log I have PSK31 Mode
On the original Log there is no ASCI Mode

 On SwissLog we have PSK31 Mode as well QPSK31
I guess I am doing something wrong, Huh   Could you please help in order I can solve this situation? 
Many thanks for your help.

73 - Manuel Fernando
19-04-2018, 02:10 PM, (This post was last modified: 19-04-2018, 02:11 PM by EA3GCV.)
RE: ADIF ... Your help please
Hello Manuel,

If you are importing an ADIF 3x file (which may contain the SUBMODE field) you have to check the option "Check if file contains SUBMODE field for MFSK/PSK". This is explained in the Swisslog help (Import QSOs) with an important note:

Important: when importing from ADIF you will see here the option "Check if file contains SUBMODE field for MFSK/PSK". Check it if your ADIF file contains the SUBMODE field if you have QSOs made in PSK or MFSK mode. This way Swisslog will ignore asking to assign the PSK/MFSK mode (which doesn't exist in Swisslog) and will set the correct mode by reading the SUBMODE field. If you don't check this option and Swisslog find QSOs made in PSK/MFSK mode, you will be asked in a later step to assign manually the right mode.

ASCI is a submode of RTTY. If the file generated by the other software really fulfills ADIF 3x specifications, the QSO made in ASCI mode should be set with 2 ADIF fields:


Swisslog recognises these submodes if placed in the MODE field and convert them properly.

Please check the above option while importing from ADIF and let me know. If you still have problems, please send me the ADIF file to check here.

Best 73
Jordi, EA3GCV
Current developer of Swisslog
20-04-2018, 01:19 PM,
RE: ADIF ... Your help please
Hello Jordi .
Many thanks for your help. 
It is working fine. I am very happy thanks your help. 

My vy best regards
Manuel Fernando

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