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Night mare
14-02-2019, 06:43 PM,
RE: Night mare
Now with picture

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14-02-2019, 09:44 PM, (This post was last modified: 14-02-2019, 09:55 PM by EA3GCV.)
RE: Night mare
Hello Arne,

The problem comes due to a wrong key in the Windows registry. I'm not at home right now and I'm explaining all this from my memory. Run REGEDIT and search for F:\Programmer Ham\Swisslog (You will find an option to search in the registry). When this key is found you find 2 subkeys under main key "Swisslog for Windows": Version and Path. Delete the whole root called "Swisslog for Windows". The subkeys Path and Version should be deleted. Otherwise delete first the PATH and VERSION keys and afterwards the "Swisslog for Windows" key. Then try again. The installer will allow you to install as it was a fresh installation.

Here are the files that must be copied from the old hard disk into the new computer:

In your old computer:
  • Go to File / Save.. and make a backup copy (single file in LZH format) to any external drive
  • If you use LoTW, save LOTW folder and all its contents
  • Save the SWISSLV5.INI file (located in the Swisslog folder). You will probably have to edit it in ypur new computer if the Swislsog installation differs from C:\Swisslog (the new default installation folder when installing Swislsog in your new computer).
  • If you have customized the World Map function, copy all ENV files from the MAPS folder.
  • Copy all RPG files from the REPORTS folder
In your new computer:
  • Install current Swisslog version. I suggest you to leave it in the default folder (C:\Swisslog). You can install it in other folder but DON'T install inside the Program Files folder.
  • Once install it, don't run it. 
  • Copy the Swisslv5.ini from the old computer in C:\Swisslog. You will have to edit it if the installation folder in the old computer was different to C:\Swisslog. Simply edit the Swisslv5.ini file with a text editor and replace all the old path with the new path. Example: if Swisslog was installed in your computer in C:\Program Files\Swisslog, use the Replace function of the text editor to replace all C:\Program Files\Swisslog by C:\Swisslog. Once changed all coincidences save the File
  • Copy the LOTW folder in C:\Swisslog
  • Copy the ENV files in the MAPS folder (in case you copied before).
  • Copy all RPG files in the REPORTS folder
  • Open Swisslog. It will ask you to fill out your My QTH. Just fill Callsign and press save.
  • Go to File / Restore. iIn the Target database, search for the C:\Swisslog\DB\SWLOG_V5.MDB file. In Back up file select the LZH file you saved in the external file and press Restore.
  • Restart Swisslog
You should have your Swisslog as it was!

If you have issues please let me know to arrange a Teamviewer session but I won't be to do it until Monday.

Best 73
Jordi, EA3GCV
Current developer of Swisslog
14-02-2019, 11:22 PM,
RE: Night mare
Hello Jordi
I have both HD from the ols computer hopefully with all data intact
At least it look like so
Failure on old machine was on main board
I will try REDIDET and try from there
Br /// NIce weekend
15-02-2019, 01:23 AM,
RE: Night mare
Hello Jordi

Working 95%
Some small point for next week
But I can log find QSO upload to lotw so that OK

BR // Nice weekend
Arne OZ4VW

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