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Country Table Update
02-07-2019, 08:46 AM,
Country Table Update
The Swisslog Country Database was updated 2 July 2019.

TX7T was added to the definitions for FOM Marquesas Is. (forthcoming operation).

AL0A was added to the definitions for W USA (current operation).

K0W was added to the definitions for KH0 Mariana Is. (forthcoming operation).

SV2ASP, SV2ASP/A and SY2A were removed from the definitions for SVA Mount Athos. Whilst it makes sense to retain historic entries, which aid accuracy when inputting old logs, this temporary change will ensure that DX Spots for the above calls will show as no DXCC in Swisslog. Later, when the stupidity has abated, I will reinstate them.


oh I nearly forgot - the download is here: 
.zip (Size: 674,14 KB / Downloads: 14)

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