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Private statistics for DXCC-FT4 and DXCC-FT8
10-10-2019, 07:06 PM, (This post was last modified: 19-10-2019, 09:02 AM by EA3GCV.)
Music  Private statistics for DXCC-FT4 and DXCC-FT8

Some users are interested to have a specific DXCC statistic for FT4/FT8 the same way exists for SSB, CW and RTTY, because they are very useful for Dx Windows and Band Maps. However, because these statistics are based in the Mode ID number and many users can have a different ID for these modes, I can't create a standard statistic. The best way is to create a private statistic.

In order to make things easier, I have created a couple of statistic definition files to import. However, before importing these files, you have to check your ID number for modes FT8 and FT4. If FT8 ID is 157 and FT4 ID is 177 then you are lucky enough and you can skip reading the explanation of step 1 and go directly to step 2 of this small tutorial:

1. Edit the DXCC FT8.INS / DXCC FT4.INS files:

If you have different ID from the mentioned above, you have to edit every file with a text editor. First of all you have to download this file:

Unzip this file and copy the included files in the INFO folder, located where you have Swisslog installed (by default C:\Swisslog). You will have there the following: DXCC FT4.INS an DXCC FT8.INS

Edit the file DXCC FT4.INS with a text editor then change your mode ID in the following line (highlighted in yellow):

[Image: Edit.png]

After setting the right MODEID save this file. Perform the same operation in the DXCC FT8.INS file. Now you can go to the step 2.

2. Import these statistics into Swisslog

In Swisslog go to File / Statistic Import / Export > Export statistic:

[Image: Import.png]

Select the DXCC FT4.INS file from the Import File section, check the Private option in Statistic Type (if available) then press the IMPORT button. A message will pop up informing you the statistic has been succesfully imported. Repeat this step for the DXCC FT8.INS file.

That's all! Now you will have your private statistics to display your DXCC status for FT8/FT4 in the DX windows and band maps. This statistics counts QSL card, eQSL and LoTW confirmation. If you don't want to include LoTW or eQSL confirmation, edit the statistic definition and uncheck the appropiated checkboxes then Save.

Best 73 and enjoy!
Jordi, EA3GCV
Current developer of Swisslog

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