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Special characters in the LOTW password
24-03-2020, 12:49 AM,
Special characters in the LOTW password
When trying to synchronize with LoTW, there was a problem in my access password. The reason was that the password contained characters that were not letters or numbers, such as (#).

This type of characters seems to be not very common and caused errors in the synchronization.

Put in contact with Jordi Quintero (EA3GCV), through TeamWiever he has managed to correct this error.

I show this in case someone else uses Swisslog and has this same type of problem.

Thanks Jordi for your work and kindness

73, enrique
08-04-2020, 04:51 PM,
RE: Special characters in the LOTW password
I am having a similar problem with LOTW synch and a password error. I am running version 5.99f and my LOTW password has special chars like #*. Could you post a general fix.

10-04-2020, 01:17 PM,
RE: Special characters in the LOTW password

I will release a new version this week with lots of news and important corrections (like this one). If you can't wait, you can download a beta here:

Download and replace the EXE in the Swisslog folder. You will have to download and replace the latest Statistic file as well otherwise you will get an error when saving QSOs due to new changes. Go to the Download section of the website.

Best 73
Jordi, EA3GCV
Current developer of Swisslog

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