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Many HomeQTHx entries
03-06-2020, 06:29 PM,
Many HomeQTHx entries

I think I asked this a couple of month/years ago:
When I import my adif log from my contesting program swisslog generates often-but not always- new HomeQTHs.  For a call I work often in contest I have HomeQTH8, HomeQTH9, HomeQTH10.

When I receive a QSL card or additional information (IOTA,Locator etc) about this contact I enter this in HomeQTH (QTH without any numbers, so the default one).
The additional QTHs do not get this information - and therefore do not count in statistics.

To get stats wokring again I have to click every QSO and change it to the default = HomeQTH.

- Is there a possibility to get this automated or scripted?
- I know that Swisslog checks some stats fields (special, dipl1.., region, subregion) to determine if a new QTH is needed. But how can I prevend swisslog at import-time to do this? The contest station e.g. K5ZD is working always from the same location so why are there many HomeQTH entries?
- I have also 2 HomeQTHs without numbers: so I have HomeQTH, HomeQTH, HomeQTH1, etc...

73 de Torsten, dg7ro
03-06-2020, 07:46 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-06-2020, 07:50 PM by EA3GCV.)
RE: Many HomeQTHx entries
Hi Torsten,

You don't have to worry about this at all! When importing, Swisslog crestes a new HomeQTH if there is a change in any Award field (or QTH, locator, etc). If you need to edit a specific QSO to set in there Award information (such IOTA, QTH locator) you simply have to edit the QSO and add such information. No need to manually add a HomeQTH name! Swisslog does the work for you! In fact, user don't need to worry about this field because now Swisslog handles all HomeQTH profiles automatically. Partner HomeQTH is like your MyQTH. Swisslog allows user to manually change the HomeQTH name for it,s extra work and not needed at all. 

I don't understand when you say that statistics are not working if you don't select it in the HomeQTH. You simply have to edit the QSO you need to add the specific info then save it. Please explain a particular eixample in order to understand the issue.

Best 73
Jordi, EA3GCV
Current developer of Swisslog
03-06-2020, 08:51 PM,
RE: Many HomeQTHx entries
ok - I try to clarify:
- I work on 160m-12m station XYZ from county-A.
- there is a award for 100 counties on each band. so I have 160m,80m,...12m award. 10m is missing
- I work XYZ in several contest 5 years. After importing th econtest log into swisslog I have for this station:
  * one HomeQTH with county-A set ( I entered it manually e.g. expand information stored in this HomeQTH)
  * HomeQTH1 with no county set, as several other HomeQTH1...10 (this QTHs are automaticly set from Swisslog)
- now good condx I work XYZ on 10m!
- import into Swisslog, a new HomeQTH is set, county info is empty
- doing a award/statistic for the worked counties - this 10m QSO is not counted, as the county information is missing.

If I change this 10m-QSO HomeQTH to the first one (=HomeQTH) the county information is set and I can apply for an award.
But to be sure not to miss any award info, I have to change all QSOs manually to HomeQTH (without numbers) so that the previous entered QSO informations are visible.

Now - I am very active in contests. So I have over 5000 QSOs with HomeQTH1 and no additional info... these QSOs are not taken into account during statistics.

(attached pictures: example with DOK: the DOK is set in HomeQTH, but not in HomeQTH5, so this QSO does not count to the DLD)

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04-06-2020, 01:48 PM,
RE: Many HomeQTHx entries
Hi Torsten,

Now I understand! So every time you import a QSO which already existís on the database, a new HomeQTH + number is create and no additional Award info is contained in this new HomeQTH? I would need your database to investigate. Please make a backup copy in File / Save and send me the LZH file to This part of the code was programmmed by the original developer and I need to investigate deeply.

Best 73
Jordi, EA3GCV
Current developer of Swisslog

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