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INF_TABLELASTUPDATE not found - DL1GBQ - 25-03-2020


after update to 5.99f  there pop up every 15 sec the following window:

Das Microsoft Jet-Datenbankmodul findet die Eingangstabelle oder 
Abfrage 'INF_TABLESLASTUPDATE' nicht. Stellen Sie sicher, dass sie existiert
und der Name richtig eingegeben wurde.

What can i do? 

Hardy, DL1GBQ

RE: INF_TABLELASTUPDATE not found - EA3GCV - 25-03-2020

Hi Hardy,

First of all make sure you have the file SWLSTAT.MDB placed in the Swisslog folder (where the SWISSLV5.EXE is located). If not, download the latest Statistic file from the Download section of the website. Unzip and extract in the Swisslog folder (by default now C:\Swisslog).

Start Swisslog then go to Tools / For experts only / Open Stat DB then select the SWLSTAT.MDB from the Swisslog folder. This issue should be solved.

In case of problems, you probably have Swisslog installed in C:\Program Files(x86)\Swisslog. In this case make sure you disable UAC and run Swisslog as administrator! Otherwise you will have many problems! Please read this thread:

Best 73

RE: INF_TABLELASTUPDATE not found - DL1GBQ - 26-03-2020

Hello Jordi,

After running Swisslog as administrator 
the error no longer occurs.
Thank you very much for the help!

Best 73, Hardy DL1GBQ