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telnet and statistic - SV2DGH - 09-05-2020

Dear Jordi,
My request is as follows : 
in the telnet window (in which we can see the cluster in Swisslog) 
I would like the possibility for the user to choose the alarms he wants (except for the new dxcc ATNO which already exist), 
such as cw, rtty, ft8 etc, in any band the user wants, 
according to his log and depending on the callsigns spotted through Swisslog's telnet window cluster.
The possibility to choose needs for LoTw or qslcard or both 

73 de Chris SV2DGH

RE: telnet and statistic - EA3GCV - 10-05-2020

Hi Chris,

The functions you request are available in the Dx windows and Band Maps. Telnet windows are intended only for monitoring in plain text. Please read these chapters in the Swisslog help:

Dx windows:
Band maps:

If you want to be warned for specific spots, you can use the DX Alert window:

Best 73