Image Viewer

Swisslog provides an image viewer window used to display eQSL Cards and the QRZ/QRZCQ/HAMQTH profile image.

eQSL Cards

You can display eQSL cards when the QSO has been confirmed by using the eQSL synchronization. Swisslog checks eQSL servers and download the eQSL card automatically (internet connection is required). This is very useful because you can display the eQSL whenever you like, always getting the latest QSL design without the need of saving QSL images all the time. You can display the eQSL Card from the following functions:

After pressing one of the above buttons, the eQSL card viewer will appear showing the eQSL Card containing the confirmation of the selected QSO with the design chosen by the QSO partner:

QRZ / QRZCQ / HAMQTH profile image

You can display the profile image set by the QSO partner on these callbook databases (if available). First of all you have to configure access for any of these internet callbook databases. IMPORTANT: You need to be a QRZ/QRZCQ subscriber to get the image link.

When entering a callsign in the Add QSO window, after retrieving callbook data, if the QSO partner has an image in his QRZ/QRZCQ/HAMQTH profile, the Callbook tab will be displayed in bold red, indicating that there is a profile image available: Also the image viewer will automatically pop up showing it. You can disable the automatic view in the options of the Add QSO window. In this case, you can see the image profile manually: in the Callbook tab you will see the button if you use QRZ or the button if you use QRZCQ or the button if you use HAMQTH. Click to display the profile image in the image viewer window:

This window provides 2 buttons:

This window allows resizing so you can make it as bigger as you like to see it better on screen! (even smaller). However, if you want to print or save the image, I suggest to use the default size. Otherwise it will be printed/saved with the current size of the viewer. The bigger the image, the bigger the size of the file and more paper needed to print!