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06-11-2019, 12:53 PM,
Hello, I would like to make a report for my DXCC with only confirmed entities (QSL + LOTW) with the DCXX submitted and validated by the ARRL.
How to do ?
Thanks 73 Guy F8BJE
06-11-2019, 03:25 PM, (This post was last modified: 06-11-2019, 03:28 PM by EA3GCV.)
Hello Guy,

If you need to select the QSOs which are confirmed by QSL or LoTW to send your application this thread may help you:

If you have QSOs already submitted and validated by the DXCC (credited), exists the Award administration tool to handle all this but this tool has some problems. This function was created by Walter (the original author) many years ago. The function implemented in version 5 was the first version of this function. He enhanced this function in version 6 which was never released officially because he had his accident. He also implemented an enhanced Statistic function, a powerful logbook view among other interesting functions. My intention is to try to implement all functions included in version 6 and release version 7 (would be a mix of v5+v6).

Unfortunately the v6 code was corrupted and I have been working on this code the last years to fix it. However, the core of v6 code is not compatible with the main core of v5 code and I can't do a direct implementation. Summing up: I have to start from scratch with the v6 code and implement all what I have implemented in v5 during the last 5 years! It's like building a puzzle of 50000 pieces! It's a challenge and I want to start with it as soon as possible. But I will probably need years to achieve it! It's very challenging to me but I will try for sure!

I implemented the fields CREDIT_GRANTED and CREDIT_SUBMITTED to set the awards submitted/credited according the ADIF specifications: i.e. IOTA,WAS:LOTW&CARD,DXCC:CARD&LOTW. Swisslog also implements the field L_LOTW_CREDITS_GRANTED: "Credits" field available in the info QSL tab) which is handled automatically when synchronizing with LoTW. However, this field doesn't include the credits granted by QSL paper card. It's possible to download a full DXCC Credit report including paper confirmations from the LoTW web site but it's not useful at all: most entries lacks of date, time and even mode! it's not possible to do an automatic way to handle this info so you have to perform the operation manually.

If you donwload this file (or if you have a listing with all your credited QSO) you can add this info manually to the CREDIT_GRANTED field. These fields (CREDIT_GRANTED and CREDIT_SUBMITTED) currently are only editable from a logbook view (I'm planning to add them in the QSO Entry). However the logbook view offers a way to update the content of this field in severla QSOs at once, which makes the operation easier. By using the manual QSO selection (by pressing the shift or Ctrl keys) or advanced filter functions of the logbook function you can select some QSOs and set the same content to the CREDIT_GRANTED field (or any other). Please read the "Multiple QSO Update" chapter in the Swisslog help.

Once you have some QSOs selected, you can set the corresponding credited info to these QSOs, according the ADIf specs: DXCC:CARD, DXCC:LOTW&CARD, DXCC:LOTW etc. Please read: and

Once you have finished this manual work, you will be able to filter the content in any logbook view to print or create specific QSO Groups and have all this info perfectly organized.


- You can create a QSO Grup called "DXCC credited QSO by QSL card" and add to this group all QSOs having the content "DXCC:CARD" of the CREDIT_GRANTED field in any Logbook view. You can add later to this group new QSOs which has been credited and use it to print report, export QSO etc.

QSO Groups are a very powerful function of Swisslog.  All depends on your needs and your imagination to use them! Please read the "QSO Groups" chapter in the Swisslog help to learn more of this very powerful function.

Sorry for the long play but I just wanted to explain in detail some problems I have to face (I'm not the original programmer), my future plans and also a detailed explanation of how you can perform the operation. As you can see, Swisslog is really flexible, offering many advanced tools though this is intended for advanced users.

Best 73
Jordi, EA3GCV
Current developer of Swisslog

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